Episode 44: War on Christmas (2012 Edition)

In this episode of Life, the Universe & Everything Else, Ashlyn Noble, Greg Christensen, and Mark Whatman talk about the (supposed) War on Christmas, and Jeffrey Olsson interviews A.J. Johnson, the Director of Development for American Atheists.

Life, the Universe & Everything Else is a program promoting secular humanism and scientific skepticism presented by the Winnipeg Skeptics and the Humanists, Atheists & Agnostics of Manitoba.

Links: Apocalypse 2012: The End of the World Party (Facebook Event, Meetup Event) | Bill O’Reilly’s War on Christmas Montage | Fox News: War On Christmas | 3 Ways the “War on Christmas” Is Way Older Than You Think | Jeremiah 10:2–4 | American Atheists

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