Episode 5: Skepticism and Humanism

Life, the Universe, & Everything ElseIn this episode of Life, the Universe, & Everything Else, Scott, Gem, Laura, and Jeff discuss what it means to be a skeptic and a humanist, and why organsations promoting critical thinking and science are necessary.

Life, the Universe & Everything Else is a program promoting secular humanism and scientific skepticism presented by the Winnipeg Skeptics and the Humanists, Atheists & Agnostics of Manitoba.

Links: The Humanist Association of Manitoba | The Winnipeg Skeptics | Cell Phones Still Not Linked to Brain Cancer (Study) | TEDxManitoba | Scam Everlasting | Top Ten Reasons Why Being a Humanist Is Fulfilling | Leaving Faith Behind

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About Gem Newman

Medical student and former software developer. Host of the Life, the Universe & Everything Else podcast. Past organizer of the Winnipeg Skeptics. Former board chair at Bad Science Watch. Writer of things. Grower of beards. He/him.

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